Project Management Services

PIERRE LASALLE Renovation Limited offers clients project management services according to plans and specifications issued by the client's engineering and architecture professionals. The company provides a budget following an invitation to tender.

Upon agreement with the client, PIERRE LASALLE Renovation Limited awards contracts and ensures the proper execution of the project to meet deadlines and the allocated budget.

A commission percent of the final project is established under the agreement.

Turnkey projects

PIERRE LASALLE Renovation Limited offers turnkey projects that integrate all the steps necessary to achieve a job. This type of service provides clients with an ideal experience by eliminating the requirement to interact with multiple stakeholders, which greatly minimizes time needed to devote to the project.

Since 1975, PIERRE LASALLE Renovation Limited has formed a vast network of professionals in the engineering and architectural fields, which allows the company to offer its clients a product meeting their exact needs.

Fixed Price Projects

PIERRE LASALLE Renovation Limited focuses on calls for tenders by invitation only. This mode of operation has enabled the company to develop an exceptionally trusting relationship with its customers since 1975.

Consulting Services

PIERRE LASALLE Renovation Limited provides services allowing clients to obtain necessary information regarding the feasibility of a project.

We combine our experience with customized budgets to present clients with a realistic view of the scope of a project and, thereby, establish their priorities.